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3b Palm Shower

[image]balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
5b Crossover
4b Twist
4b Palmspin Tumble
6b Dual Palmspins
3b Palm Showerlogin to adjust
1b Double Cradle Hold
1b Armroll to Shoulder Hold
7b Line Stack
default image: Shifty 2002-06-08
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OI! Shifty
2002-06-08 07:00:10 by silver

shifty turn the transparency switch to show previous frame, insttead of background, PLEASE!

re: OI! Shifty-my mistake
2002-06-08 07:04:44 by silver

ooops- should a waited for it to load properly-only looks a mess while its loading............

Both directions
2002-06-18 00:06:51 by chicken

Remember to be learn to do this in both directions, same goes for the 2b and 4b versions.

difficult part
2003-09-17 13:51:47 by girtaco

the hardest part of this trick is to make the ball roll along both palms without leaning your hands. i need some help with that, are you supposed to push it harder with your thumb or what?

re: difficult part
2003-09-17 16:26:08 by Shifty

When I do it, it's a small combination of both tilting your hands to a small degree, and pushing a little harder with your thumbs to get it across.

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