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1b Barrel Roll

[image] balls used: 1
3b Orbital Isolationharder100.40
2b Palm-Back Tossing Transferharder100.40
6b Dual Palmspinsharder100.40
4b Palm Showerharder100.40
1b Barrel Rolllogin to adjust 100.40
3b palmspin w/ lineupeasier100.38
2b mineshaft tosseasier100.38
2b Colour Changeeasier100.08
3b Reverse Cascadeeasier100.08
default image: Shifty 2002-06-06
A roll taught to me by Daniel Kerr at CJC2001, it just has a cool look to it.


The one gets around
2002-06-06 22:10:16 by Ryan

funny... Someone taught this to Greg... who taught it to Remy... who taught it to me.. and within an hour of learning it I had already taught it to a bunch of others. It has a weird appeal....

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