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2b Vertical Stack Arm Roll

balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Forhead to Back of Neck Stall
4b Curl
2b vertical palmspin
2b Vertical Stack Arm Roll
2b Vertical Stack Arm Rolllogin to adjust
1b Temple to Temple Roll
4b Palm Shower
1b Forhead to Nosebridge Stall
3b Flying Butterfly
default image: silver 2002-03-16
An arm roll with one ball traveling on TOP of the other.

Holding 2 balls in the palm in line with the arm, lift hand from wrist, keeping the fingers straightish so as to create the vertical stack, from there its just like an ordinary arm roll. at the elbow one ball will drop away on its own and the other may continue up the arm, roll back to the hand or drop off the outside of your arm.All of these give plenty of options for continuing into something else snazzy......


This IS possible.
2002-03-17 19:09:59 by lcoombes

Remy and I were talking with silver before this was posted and he mentioned it. We thought it sounded impossible, but Remy went and tried it with some stage balls and IT WORKED! It's not even all that difficult. It IS a lot harder with acrylics, however. I tried it and I can get it every few tries, but it is far from smooth. If you have some silicons or stage balls, give this trick a try. You'll be surprised.

2003-05-17 03:51:57 by jaron

i must disagree about the bottem ball falling off at the elbow. although i can only do it once in a while, it is possible to keep both balls rolling up to a chin trap (with stage balls anyway).

2003-05-19 09:34:14 by kverens

post it ;-)

seriously, though - chin trap with two balls? how do you manage that?

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