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1b Jowel to Mouth Roll

balls used: 1
1b Inside Armroll to Knuckle Holdharder101.28
3b Mills Mess w/ Cradleharder101.28
3b Ratchetharder101.21
3b Palmspin w/ Lineharder101.12
1b Jowel to Mouth Rolllogin to adjust 100.88
2b Elbow Catcheasier100.88
2b Palm-Palm Transfer with Cageeasier100.88
8b Loading an 8-stackeasier100.88
2b Traineasier100.88
default image: Ryan 2002-03-13
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2002-03-15 21:14:47 by Shifty

Ah, to french kiss a ball, tis love no?

re: Give it some tounge
2002-03-16 19:17:56 by Ryan

Sadly, yes. The tough is really useful in any mouth roll.

re: re: Give it some tounge
2002-03-16 19:18:51 by Ryan

Sorry. The tongue. Tounge? Tung? How the F#@! do you spell that?!?

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