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1b Forhead to Back of Neck Stall

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Behind the neck roll
1b Outside Elbow Flyaway
2b Backarm Roll Transfer
1b Forhead to Back of Neck Stall
1b Forhead to Back of Neck Stalllogin to adjust
4b Curl
2b vertical palmspin
2b Vertical Stack Arm Roll
1b Temple to Temple Roll
default image: Ryan 2002-03-13
no description yet


2002-11-04 08:02:31 by Maverick

To do list:
Shave a path through the hair in the middle of my head.

re: jeez.
2003-06-02 23:42:41 by muchi

then grow out a whole afro

re: jeez.
2003-10-26 20:54:49 by suzy

That'd be awesome... I can't do any of Ryan's crazy neck stalls and face rolls... perhaps my face is just shaped odd.

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