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3b Seperated Palmspin

balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
6b Planebreak Diamond
4b Elbow Hop to Stack
2b Upsidedown Palmspin
3b Seperated Palmspin
3b Seperated Palmspinlogin to adjust
2B Figure 8 Chase
1b Behind the neck roll
1b Outside Elbow Flyaway
2b Backarm Roll Transfer
default image: Shifty 2002-03-12
A palmspin using two and a half inch silicons. I noticed alot of talk about using stickyballs, perhaps this will coax some people to start submitting some moves.


re: Wow
2002-03-31 21:19:13 by Shifty


re: Wow
2003-03-01 00:48:08 by HSlacker

highly impressive.

re: Wow
2003-04-12 03:39:41 by Hiemdall

fluid smooth

re: Wow
2003-04-19 08:33:01 by jaron

that's insane! are the balls really not touching at all?

re: Wow
2003-04-19 15:57:04 by Shifty

no touching at all

re: Wow
2003-04-24 00:31:08 by jensenj

with a fourth ball stacked on top it is easier to keep them apart--this seems to help in learning it

re: Wow! thats very Grimpin'!
2003-05-10 04:15:04 by mathias

hey guys sorry bout all the grimpins ive been posting as comments ill stop now.

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