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2b Combination Folding

balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Palm-Palm Shower
5b Planebreak Palmspin
2b 1h vertical exchange
1b Windshieldwiper holding Wrist
2b Combination Folding login to adjust
2b Palmspin without touching
4b Vertical Isolation
1b 2h Fist Isolation (1b Gregs Grip)
default image: Shifty 2002-02-26
Preformed by: Eric


2002-09-19 02:12:47 by MarcHare

ok...videos a little fast and resets at an odd point...looks cool tho. can i get a written break-down?

nice : )
2003-04-23 15:59:19 by gvsb

Very nice!!! I think I have to say at least thanks for the inspiration! Most of the moves registered are yours! Well done my friend and keep it up this way!

re: nice : )
2003-04-23 17:07:50 by Shifty

Well, true, most of the moves are mine, however there are a few that I submitted for Eric because he was having computer problems. So therefor I cannot take credit for this one, however I think eric would appreciate it.. Also, you're welcome for the inspiration.

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