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2b Ferrets Roll

balls used: 2
3b Orbital Isolationharder100.40
2b Palm-Back Tossing Transferharder100.40
6b Dual Palmspinsharder100.40
4b Palm Showerharder100.40
2b Ferrets Rolllogin to adjust 100.40
3b palmspin w/ lineupeasier100.38
2b mineshaft tosseasier100.38
2b Colour Changeeasier100.08
3b Reverse Cascadeeasier100.08
default image: Shifty 2002-02-20
This is made in tribute to Ferret, he asked me to get it taped for him, and I think I did a fairly good job of it. Holding to balls straight in your hand, the fingers push and launch the outer most ball up and over the ball closest to your palm. From there you catch it in an elbow stall, and roll it back to your hand again.


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