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3b Pinky Lift

[image]balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
3b Mills Mess w/ Cradle
1b Finger Flip
1b Back-Arm Genie Roll
2b Back to Front Armroll
3b Pinky Liftlogin to adjust
2b Symmetric Butterfly
3b Palmspin
3b Rockabye
default image: chico 2000-10-07
chico: Alright kids, hold your balls in your hand, now rotate the balls into the position where your pinky should be almost soley supporting a single ball. Now lift your pinky up while supporting the other two. The technique to making this trick look slick is to A. Practice it until you get a nosebleed.. & B. After you have pushed the ball over the top and your thumb is now supporting it, begin the rotation needed to bring the next ball into place over your pinky while you are still bringing the original lifted ball down Hope I helped. :)


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