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2b mineshaft toss

[image] balls used: 2
3b Orbital Isolationharder100.40
2b Palm-Back Tossing Transferharder100.40
6b Dual Palmspinsharder100.40
4b Palm Showerharder100.40
2b mineshaft tosslogin to adjust 100.38
3b palmspin w/ lineupeasier100.38
2b Colour Changeeasier100.08
3b Reverse Cascadeeasier100.08
default image: Shifty 2002-01-11
no description yet


2002-01-11 17:52:56 by Shifty

Just an add-on move you can do when preforming a mineshaft, or the Blackstones balls move.

2002-06-24 19:20:31 by iannai

yeah I like this move alot, its a cool one when doing the two touch n play stuff, well thats what I call that section of CJ, I am attempting to learn to let two balls fall down like your Shiftys single mineshaft but my wrist keeps throwing them off.

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