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6b Diamond

balls used: 6
difficulty (harder to easier):
4b Pyramid Body Roll
1b BackHand Roll
1b Finger Roll
7b Line Shuffle
6b Diamondlogin to adjust
2b Pendulum
2b Mineshaft Roll
1b Jowel to Mouth Roll
default image: Shifty 2002-01-11
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2002-01-11 17:48:06 by Shifty

Same idea as the 5 ball diamond, although you just have an extra ball and keep the shape of a box when spinning them.

Two People
2003-10-29 19:58:13 by girtaco

Looks really nice when one person puts one of his hands on one side, and someone else does the same.

re: Two People
2003-10-31 04:22:31 by Shifty

with the 5 ball diamond yes, this one is a little more volitile

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