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3b plane-break palmspin

[image] balls used: 3
1b BackArm Rollharder99.68
3b plane-break palmspinharder99.62
2b Upsidedown Isolated Palmspinharder99.62
2b Back to Front Armrollharder99.62
3b plane-break palmspinlogin to adjust 99.62
2b Circleeasier99.60
2b Symmetric Butterflyeasier99.60
3b Pinky Lifteasier99.60
3b Thumb Lifteasier99.60
default image: Shifty 2002-01-08
no description yet


of _course_ it can be isolated!
2002-01-09 20:43:01 by chicken

First of all, this is tougher than it looks. With even more practice, one can isolate the single ball so that the two are rotating around it. Or, you can isloate the two, and make the single ball rotate around it. -|Joe|-

re: of _course_ it can be isolated!
2002-01-10 19:15:53 by ferret

Shifty comes close to doing so in this .gif I expect it will not be long before he does, and yes would look good

re: re: of _course_ it can be isolated!
2002-01-10 20:44:44 by Shifty

Actually, I was taping that earlier, I should have 2 more movies Uploaded within the day or so.

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