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1b Palm-Palm Shower

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Arm Loops
1b Palm to Tripod Hold
2b Magnetic Palmspin
2b Toss and Catch
1b Palm-Palm Showerlogin to adjust
5b Planebreak Palmspin
2b 1h vertical exchange
1b Windshieldwiper holding Wrist
default image: kverens 2001-11-18
kverens: This is more of a flourish than anything - throw it into a Circle every now and then. You can also do this with a Back-Back pass, although it's much harder to get smooth. I've seen this done smoothly with two balls, but my own 2b version is very jerky.
rich: I like some of the Faux finger tip to finger tip passes you can do with this concept. I call them Faux because they are more of a drop off then a clean pass but done well they can look real cool.


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