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1b Backarm Chestroll

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Curly Backwards Prayer
1b Inner Elbow Hold to Outer Elbow Hold
2b Palm-Palm Transfer with Cage
1b Iso. Backarm Roll Passes
1b Backarm Chestrolllogin to adjust
4b Pyramid Body Roll
1b BackHand Roll
1b Finger Roll
default image: kverens 2001-11-18
When the ball passes the first elbow, angle the forearm downwards. And turn your hands outwards. That makes the biceps form a better angle for the roll. when the ball reaches the first shoulder, it passes just above the armpit. nudge it gently across the chest by moving the body. the hardest part of the move is rolling the ball down the far arm. be very aware of the ball when you get that far.


2002-09-10 00:08:43 by jking

tight. Wish i could do it.
But i be practicin yo.

this did not seem that hard for me
2003-04-06 14:25:26 by tarsonet

Ferret said cause Im big boned (and a bit fat) that this would come easy to me! He was right! Still having some trouble making it roll far enough on my chest though to get down the other arm.
Any suggestions?

re: this did not seem that hard for me
2003-04-06 17:29:28 by kverens

lean back. if you lean right back, the ball is rolling on a flat plane. to help move it along quicker, you could raise one shoulder to "incline" the chest. so, if you were rolling right to left, let the ball go onto the chest while leaning back, then raise the right shoulder to "wave" the ball along.

2003-09-21 14:53:16 by kram

not easy...keeps hitting on my shoulder bone

Fairly easy move
2003-10-16 08:21:08 by Valos

I didn't have a lot of trouble with this move. I was doing it within 2.5hrs of starting to CJ. Granted, that doesn't mean I can do it perfect everytime. I have quite a bit of trouble with it falling off of my receiving arm. It's because of this move that there is one less glass for my roommates to drink from.

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