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4b Walk

balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Ratchet
3b Palmspin w/ Line
3b Isolated Planebreak Palmspin II
2b Back-Back butterfly
4b Walklogin to adjust
2b Elbow Catch
3b Orbital Isolation
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin
3b Thumb Cascade
default image: rich 2001-11-07
rich: I finally got some new balls. And with new balls comes new tricks. I have been doing a 3 ball walk with my 2.75" balls but I like the 4 ball walk more. It is sorta smooth here but I will be working to make it smoother. I will also be getting another color ball for the lead so that I can make the walk spin and go backwards. The best way to start this is with one ball and build to two then three and finally 4. Ball walking is easy to start but difficult to make look glassy smooth.


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