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1b Iso. Backarm Roll Passes

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Head Catch
1b Curly Backwards Prayer
1b Inner Elbow Hold to Outer Elbow Hold
2b Palm-Palm Transfer with Cage
1b Iso. Backarm Roll Passeslogin to adjust
1b Backarm Chestroll
4b Pyramid Body Roll
1b BackHand Roll
default image: 2001-11-05


that's in slow mo right?
2003-04-05 14:26:06 by tarsonet

you got your acrylic to roll down that slow? My arm rolls are still quite erratic but my muscles are learning the technique quickly.

re: that's in slow mo right?
2003-04-11 15:05:25 by arron

I was present when this move was being filmed. The move is a little faster than what you are seeing on this video-clip. The reason the move looks so good however, is that Daniel is able to really isolate the ball, he has some other isolations where his hands move very quickly, but the ball just seems to freeze in the air. So again, it is not the speed of the move, it is the ability to isolate which sells it to the audience.

re: that's in slow mo right?
2003-05-20 11:32:19 by monkeyb

Nice!!!! Look svery smooth!

2003-07-19 23:20:08 by tgeneen

thats fukin lovly.

re: sweet
2003-10-05 03:45:11 by suzy

That's beautiful... truly mesmerising!

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