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2b Onehand Cirkel

balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Onehand Cirkel
1b Reverse Planebreaking Butterfly
4b Collapse And Rebuild
3b Thumb Lift
2b Onehand Cirkellogin to adjust
1b Full Arm Mineshaft
1b Walking Halfpipe
1b Inside Armroll to Knuckle Hold
1b Fist Hold to Knuckle Hold
default image: ferret 2001-10-31
ferret: What you are seeing is what I call a "Two-Ball, One Handed Circle" I also refer to it as my signature move. I am not really sure how, or when, I came up with this, but it is really not that difficult. Start with a ball in a Two Finger Cradle and a ball in the same hands thumb hold. Now do a one quarter butterfly with the cradle held ball, drop your elbow, and point your index and middle finger to the sky, so that both balls are stacked. They should not be perfectly vertical to one another, in fact they are about 45% with the lower ball closer to your middle. Your hand should be about head height. Here is the important part. When you get to this position. You should have 6 points of contact. Three for each ball. Which means that you will need your ring and pinky to actually do some work here. The bottom ball should be held with the heel of your thumb, your pinky and ring finger. The top ball should be held with the pad of your thumb, and your index and middle fingers. Note the pad of your thumb. You will use that in a sec. pay attention. Now using your shoulder, or rotary cuff, quickly dip your elbow down and back up again, with a shunt to the inside. Release the bottom ball, and hang on to the top ball with your thumb pad. At the same time shift your pinky and ring fingers to grip that top ball and throw, or extend the index and middle fingers, bring your elbow up, and catch the bottom, released ball back into the two finger cradle. You have just changed the original position of the two balls. Do the quarter butterfly again, use your thumb pad to pull the ball down to heel and pinky and stack them again. Repeat till it feels good to do this, and then put them all together into a continuously smooth motion. When you first start learning this, you should throw the bottom ball up and out and do the transfer of the top ball to the bottom while the thrown ball in free flight. Once you get a feel for the finger movement, you should concentrate on less free flight of the thrown ball and let it ride/run/maintain contact, with the top ball.


Hey lets re-film this
2003-04-05 14:16:24 by tarsonet

Kinda dark Ferret... Anyway we can refilm this? Let me know! I got the sexy camera for it :)

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