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3b Flying Butterfly

balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Temple to Temple Roll
1b Forhead to Nosebridge Stall
4b Palm Shower
3b Flying Butterfly
3b Flying Butterflylogin to adjust
1b Spiral
1b Foot catch
1b Head Catch
1b Forhead to Eye Socket Stall
default image: klas 2001-10-22
klas: The guts of this move is taken from Shifty's 2b Flying Butterfly. It probably looks better with single coloured balls (or acrylics of course), but I thought it would be easier to follow with balls in different colours. Notice how the the pink and yellow ball never changes hands.. If it's done 'perfect' all thre balls will line up in a column in front of you which looks really nice. To do something similliar with four balls, you'll either have to thumb to balls in the same hand, which I am unable to do, or you have to turn the flying butterfly around, so instead of doing it from palm to cradle, you do it from cradle to palm. The problem here is to get into the position with two balls in the cradle in a nice way. I don't know about any hold that would be the equivalent to thumbing in palm, so butterflying one ball from palm to cradle while holding a ball in cradle seems impossible (but I would love to be proved wrong on this one). The other way to end up with two balls in cradle is to catch one ball while already holding one, this is doable but difficult. First version: Place two balls in each palm. Butterfly both hand simultaneously, letting one of the balls go flying and ending up with the other one in the cradle, this will leave you with two balls in the air (for a very short time), these balls should be catched in cradle on the oposite hand from which they there thrown. You now have two balls in each cradle and has to reverse the motion to get back to the start, that is a flying butterfly from each cradle, and catching in palms. I haven't figured out how to position the hands to get the last part to work. The first part is also VERY difficult and I have so far not succeded in doing it with two balls. (one in each palm, butterfly one and send one flying, try to get both in the same cradle).Second version: One ball in right hand, thumbhold. Three balls in left hand, one in thumbhold, two in cradle. Do a flying butterfly in left hand, and catch the flying ball in right hand cradle. This leaves you with left hand holding two balls in palm, and right hand holding one in thumbhold and one in cradle. Do a palm to cradle transfer from left to right, you now have the starting position, but mirrored, so you have three balls in right hand and one in left. Repeat, but start with right hand. Couldn't let this one go, so here's a third variation, I think this is that I first was thinking about, but forgot along the way. :) It's the same as the second version above, but instead of doing a palm to cradle transfer then you have two balls in one palm, do a flying butterfly, this introduces the step of catching the flying ball in the other cradle while already holding two balls, one in thumbhold and onde in cradle. You'll also end up with the ball in the other hand in the cradle, you would probably prefer to get it to palm before catching the flying ball from the flying bytterfly from the other hand. This is probably best done with a butterfly before the flying butterfly, bit if you're good you may be able to dom them at the same time.


2003-05-26 19:45:47 by kryamino

theres no awy this is as hard as everyone thinks it is... i mean, it's one of two three bal moves i can actualy do... i cant do most all the stuff thats rated easyer... the only problem is remembering which ball your supposed to let fly.

re: wha?
2003-05-26 19:47:18 by kryamino

and forgive the spelling, it's 5am...

re: wha?
2003-05-27 06:14:08 by Shifty

So, Start rating the moves.. They are in the rank that you guys put them in after all..

i did
2003-05-27 10:38:32 by kryamino

back when the whole rating system thing was new =P

2003-05-27 18:43:28 by HSlacker

Is it ok for the balls to touch, well, "clack" actually, or "ideally" should the trick be performed silently? Ive never really read anywhere where this question was addressed, so im doing so now. Thanx.

re: question....
2003-05-27 18:44:28 by HSlacker

also, are you using 3"?

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