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6b Incoming Train

[image]balls used: 6
difficulty (harder to easier):
5b Crossover
4b Twist
4b Palmspin Tumble
6b Dual Palmspins
6b Incoming Trainlogin to adjust
3b Palm Shower
1b Double Cradle Hold
1b Armroll to Shoulder Hold
7b Line Stack
default image: Shifty 2001-08-26
kverens: This move is reversible. If I remember right, Ian described something like this in his street routine (see the Yahoo Forum archives)
Artemis: I also do I five ball version of this after talking to shifty and him describing the move and I had misunderstood how many acrylics to use **blushes**, but it works out quite well. You do it exactly the same, except that instead of two 3 ball spins you do one five ball cascade.


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