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1b Sleight Of Hand

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Twirling Butterfly
2b Shower
2b Circle
3b Pinky Cascade
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1b finger flurry
2b Colour Change
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin rev
default image: duane 2000-10-02
duane: This trick takes a good deal of timing, and should be practiced in front of a mirror. It's also good to use a smaller ball, 2.5in or so. First, practice rolling a ball smoothly from the palm to a fingertip-hold and back. The trick here is to keep most of the motion in your pinky, where, from the viewing angle of the audience, is blocked by your other fingers. The timing comes in when you cover and pretend to take the ball in your other hand. There is a split-second where the ball is not seen by the audience, and this is where you roll it into your palm. Try not to close the "grabbing" hand all the way, keep it as if there were a ball in it. At the point when you "grab" the ball, roll it quickly into the palm of your hand. Keep your fingers in as close to the same position that you had them in the fingertip hold, so as to keep up the illusion.
Sidivan: In Magic this is called the "French Drop".


2002-09-24 17:37:22 by MarcHare

one of my favorite tricks with a coin. makes the transition to cj well. =)
there are about a thousand and twelve things you can do with this after the drop. (see "through the body") be creative. suprise your audience.

2003-08-05 20:06:00 by yaga

i don't understand de last tricks, when the ball disapear. I guess she roll the ball on here elbow but I don't see it there...

re: ???
2003-08-06 10:52:33 by kverens

If you read the description, you can see that he rolls the ball into his palm.

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