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4b Elbow Hop to Stack

balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
4b Elbow Hold to 4 Stack
4b Rotating Columns
1b Top of the head to Forhead Stall
6b Planebreak Diamond
4b Elbow Hop to Stacklogin to adjust
2b Upsidedown Palmspin
3b Seperated Palmspin
2B Figure 8 Chase
default image: Shifty 2001-08-08
juggledo: An idea regarding this that I just thought of recently, is to do the move with with seven balls, four in one and three in the other, then to roll the top ball to the elbow, where the ball is then tossed to the opposite elbow, and then rolled to become the top ball of the stack in the opposite hand.
LostboY: After playing with this I think that the real key is a soft 'cushion' like downward movement right at the moment of seems to help...and you can do it in such a manner that it is not a big dramatic movement...


2003-02-25 19:18:36 by HSlacker

like stalling a footbag.

2003-02-27 17:18:51 by Shifty


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