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8b Line Stack

balls used: 8
difficulty (harder to easier):
3b Palmspin with Escape
3b Reverse Cascade
1b Praying Stall
8b Line Stack
8b Line Stacklogin to adjust
4b Flat Diamond Palmspin
2b Genie Roll
3b Ratchet
1b Forearm Chestroll
default image: kverens 2001-08-06
kverens: the middle ball of the back line keeps wanting to get free and run away - try to keep the back line a bit higher than usual, to dissuade this runaway behaviour.
juggledo: I've been doing a version of this where the balls are transfered in an alternating pattern, similar to the cascade with five, except with six, and two balls on top.


My CJ Senses are Tingling
2003-11-05 01:12:01 by girtaco

Looks to me like a normal dual pyramid, with a little switch in it. Am I wrong?

re: My CJ Senses are Tingling
2003-11-05 03:47:32 by Shifty

nope, thats all it is.

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