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7b Line Stack

balls used: 7
3b Thumb Cascadeharder100.00
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin revharder100.00
2B Figure 8 Chaseharder100.00
1b Through the bodyharder100.00
7b Line Stacklogin to adjust 100.00
1b Through the bodyeasier100.00
2B Figure 8 Chaseeasier100.00
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin reveasier100.00
3b Thumb Cascadeeasier100.00
default image: kverens 2001-08-06
kverens: with the top ball on the right, you could bring one of the bottom balls in front of and further to the right of it, then thumb-lift that ball up. This would cause the top ball to be pushed over, and you'd have five on the bottom and two on top. You could either continue spinning then, or continue the push so the top ball goes down the other side and the thumblifted ball is then a new top ball on it's own. Or something...


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