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Ball CaseLeon
Ball CaseLeon
hello chanO-CHAN
my new ballBink
bola de coloresTuco
Christmas stackLeon
An uncomfortable SaulieSaulie
o-chan 2 :-]O-CHAN
o-chan whit the new ball[1]O-CHAN
Zeke the incredible CJ dog.Lenie
i like mine 100mm ball !!!!!juggler
5 ball stallp1457
Acrylic in watersclose
The Great and Horrible Kitsune!Kitsune
The offical CJC2003 T-shirtferret
Cjer ActionLadySkye
Mystic JesterKS
Yin/Yang poseKS
My Ball holderTone_Def
My Cardferret
Hoggetown 2003ferret
ochan in israelO-CHAN
ochan in israelO-CHAN
another nice picturetarsonet
A sad excuse for an acrylicHiemdall
four balls and icetarsonet
Juggling 5 acrylicschicken
Juggling 5kristof
Of course it's a trick - but it looks nicekristof
yup you guessed ittarsonet
Umm Can you say Ferret?tarsonet
And yet more Ferrettarsonet
More Ferret At Medieval Faire in Gainesvilletarsonet
Ft. Myers, 2003ferret
"Don't think you are CJ'ing, know you are CJ'ing"LeonX22
Leon Self-PortraitLeonX22
cate's acrlyic eyemorg
morg's original ballmorg
morg's steel ballsmorg
morg's cj self portraitmorg
The Infamous Mr. Lance Coombes, and The Ferret.ferret
The Ferretferret
Ball belt -side view 2-LeonX22
Ball belt -side view-LeonX22
Ball BeltLeonX22
Reaching for it...LostboY
New 4\" AcrylicLostboY
Got qa gig tonightShifty
the silver mansilver
Three and oneLostboY
Undead CJ ;)LostboY
LostboY Single PyramidLostboY
Crystal EyeMaxence
Serious PiMaxence
3 BallsKap
My Business CardKS
VidClip - Me :)Ryan
VidClip - Isolation with Motion BlurRyan
VidClip - Me and the BallRyan
Jacques 3'rd entryShifty
Not Brads. JacquesShifty
Brads Flyer EntryShifty
acrylic sponge painting: Self-PortraitBrad
My 13 ball holderShifty
A good CJ Background.Shifty
A good CJ Background.Shifty
CJ in Contemplationmarco
CJ in Contemplationmarco
ink drawing: the CageBrad
Mountain Dew Acrylic
Head balance, and a fourstack.chicken
Ok, it's not exactly Cj'ing... but it is unique.chicken
Forehead balancechicken
Messin' with the Crowdferret
self-portrait with ball erim
VidClip - Cj Short FilmRyan
linoleum cut: Self-PortraitBrad
renegade blacklight ball - 3ian
renegade blacklight ball - 2ian
renegade blacklight ballian
reverse cupholdmarco
extended finger cuphold marco
extended finger cuphold marco
a poly and an acrylic next to each othermdamelio
a poly and an acrylic next to each othermdamelio
Can you spot the polycarbmdamelio
Ferret at Hoggetowne Medieval Fairephotog
Ferret at Hoggetowne Medieval Fairephotog
Ferret at Hoggetowne Medieval Fairephotog
cage erim
Glowing ButterflyGrep
A two finger cradle w/some extra garbageferret
portland 2001 logoremy
Shiva Position 2Shifty
4 CJC2001 Trophy winnersShifty
The Shiva PositionShifty
The 4 CJC2001 FinalistsShifty
Never leave an acrylic un-attendedShifty
My CJ MascotShifty
A Ferret on FilmShifty
4 stack fingertipschico

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