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 Site Suggestions
Author: Shifty 
Date:   02-08-02 18:16

Warning, Long post ahead.

I've been on here for quite awhile now, snooping around, looking at diffrent pages, and noticing the layout of certain things. I have here a list of suggested changes that "I" personally wouldn't mind seeing. Some of these may sound familier, and some of these you may have even said yourself. Feel free to add onto this post if you have an idea that isnt listed here, because after all. This site is what WE make it.

I will be doing this in the order that the pages are listed on the left column of my screen. And once again, these are just "Suggestions" Don't complain if you think an idea isn't up to par. By no means is this list complete, it's just all I could think of at the time.

Front Page:

1. The "Log In" box to be somwhere towards the top to center of the screen for easier viewing.

2. Comments column has no day breaks in it, I can see every comment ever made even though I have it set to 1 days worth of comments.

3. The side columns can't be resized sideways, this was a handy feature, and gave you more control to customize.

Profiles Page:

1. More information about people, such as, What type of CJ they like, their ball size preferance, the number of balls they use. These could be user optional fields. I know kae was hesitant about putting these on because he felt it might scare people away. But if you are really interesed in CJ, you won't have a problem with sharing what you do.... would you.....

2. This was the spot for the "How long have you been juggling" but Kae took care of adding that already.

3. A place for a user to upload a picture of himself, or a picture that he likes to represent himself with, that will show up in the corner when a person views a profile. This will keep people from just uploading pictures of themselves to the gallery, they could have their own little page with that on it.

4. A column to tell people weather or not you have AOL instant messanger, MSN messanger, or anyother chat client that would allow you to chat with people in real time.


1. The comments do not appear when you add them. I don't know if it is an admin thing where they have to approve it or not. However I just thought it would point it out.


1. Being able to group the tricks into bodyrolling/Toss-combos/Palmspinning categories.

2. (Mdamelio's idea) A way to group the moves in an "Isolation" group being if any ball is isolated in the move, that move will be listed.

3. Listing the diffrent ways to view the moves in a column type instead of being across the top in a line.

On the "View a move" page

1. A way to get in contact with the person who made the move in order to ask questions. Ex. have a link to the person's email in there somewhere.

2. A column that can show you what size ball is being used in the trick. (This also will be posted in the "Submit a move" page suggestions.

3. A way to only allow 1-2 votes per day per move.

4. A "Users recommended learning time" and "Users difficulty" These would be 2 settings that would be able to be filled in when submitting the move that would let the person say how long it took them to learn, and how difficult is was.

Subpage of "Submit a move"

1. A Description column for the person to describe the move when they submit it.

2. A Name column for the person to name the trick.

3. A ball size column (See above section)

4. Columns for learning time (in hours,days,weeks,months, years) and difficulty (Scale of 1-10) from the submitter's point of view as a base. (See above section)

5. A way for the person who made the video to fill in that same infomation at a later time, if they are unable to do it when submitting the move.


1. I belive Kae is working on a way to sort the movies so I will wait for him to unveil it before I offer suggestions.


1. A "I am here" spot on a map. for more of a visual aid when someone is looking up where someone lives.


1. Line breaks between topics.

2. Not having to log in to post messages.


1. It says Kae is going to do more, so once again, I will wait till he changes it to offer suggestions.

Suggestions for New Pages.

I call it the "Meeting" page

This could be a page where people could come and add information about any get togethers they are having or would want to have, but isnt really official. A good example would be when Lance flew out here from California. He was in Virginia for a week, and asked if I could drive to meet him. (Which I did by the way, and was alot of fun, the man eats squid and raw fish, you know he's from California). Lance could have come to this page and say when he was going to be there, and where he was going to be. This isn't like the events page because it wouldn't be a "Event". It could be more of a page for working out personal meetings.

The "Gig" Page

This would be a page where contact jugglers could come on and lists the gigs they are having, where they are, and when they are having them. This would be especially useful when people who arei n the same area want to go and meet another CJ'r. It will also prove useful if you can't seem to get ahold of someone or don't know where they are. You could look on this page, and find out that they are preforming in Florida at a Circus.

Ok My fingers are now tired. I will come back and add more later..

Like I stated an hour ago, feel free to add your own insite and ideas to this post as well. And hopefully Kae will be compelled to work on some of this.

Have fun


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.

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