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 Huge lump on me friggin heed!
Author: Brad 
Date:   06-17-02 08:28

Yup, you guessed it...I started trying a forehead stall today. Haven't landed one yet, though I'm definitely making progress. I gotta tell you though, I wish I wouldn't have started with a 4" acrylic. I'm standing there going "hmm, now let's see, how did Michael Moschen end his routine...he stood there, threw the ball up in the air a few feet, and then tried to land it on his forehead!" WRONG

Actually I'm joking, I didn't do that but it would have been funny if I did. I was using a 4" stage ball, and then I gave it a shot with a 3" acrylic after I built up some confidence (pain tolerance?)

Though I never did have any particular high impact shot, my forehead did get a bit bruised and to my surprise I've got a lump in the middle of my forehead. Hope it goes away by tomorrow. I look like I just had a 12 rounder with Lennox Lewis, taking repeated stiff jabs to the middle of my forehead. You know what they say, no pain no gain.

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