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Author: morg 
Date:   06-16-02 22:55

Hey! I know exactly what you mean! It often seems that the arms become isolated from the rest of the body when CJing. I've been meaning to take up tai chi chuan but i simply havent had the time to find a place to learn. In general, it would appear that one's contact juggling becomes more consistent / controlled / fluid when one is combining it with another system / method. For example, when one has formal, and defined dance moves, martial arts movements/forms, or even a set routine to move through. This is what interests me the most.

Not the complexity of one single move but the manner one chooses to combine various moves. When one can anticipate the moves one is going to perform, how they are going to connect with eachother, BEFORE they are actually performed; everything becomes fluid. This is espicially fun when improvising.if you splip up, you still have a second of pre-move planning time to figure out some intentional-looking pathway out of your problem.

okayyyy. i dont know what im talking about anymore so i shall stop. overall. yeah. formal systems of movement are very very fun and satisifying to experiment with and combine.


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