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Author: mdamelio 
Date:   06-16-02 18:30

Man you need to toughen up shifty, alligators....sheesh. I've been in this beautiful state of Florida my whole life, and have not ever been bothered by gators, seen a bunch, played with a few, but never been bothered by them. Fire ants, that's another issue, but they build big ole homes made out of sand that are pretty easy to spot, if you are watching where you step. I can't defend the mosquitos though, they suck, I think Rich went home as one big mosquito bite last year, and may still be healing from that. :-) Just pickin on ya.
As far as the computer goes, it is definately there, it would provide quite an asset I think. The live vid feed probably isn't too feasable unless this campground has broadband, which I doubt. If they have a dialup we may be able to post to the forum, updating everyone, and possibly post some pictures, but again I doubt they have that too. Hey if someone wants to bring a cellular modem we can hook it up. My computer is set up to hook up to digital cameras thanks to Rich helpin me out last year, and rich and I have talked about doing some basic editing on site. So anyhow that's it as far as the computer goes, the nice thing about havin the computer there is we will not need to worry about camera compatibility issues, we can transfer all of our individual footage to the computer and combine it. K I'm done now I think.


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