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 CJC2002, and The Ferret
Author: Ferret 
Date:   06-16-02 15:09

Well, well, well I see that not only do we have a few more people in here now, but other things have changed as well.

Sorry for the lack of up date people, my time has been stretched of late.
When Kae, who is also a busy man, sent me an e-mail asking if I was alive.
I figured I needed to get back to home base and give you an update.

Let's see…………….CJC is a little behind schedule on my part, nothing I can't fix though. Last year, I decided to go the route of funding it through the banks and my good name with them. This year, I decided that trying that again could jeopardize my good name……………………..with them.

In view of that. I took on a 12x6 job that is working me to death, but will end a month and a half before CJC.
Where I can devote a goodly portion of business hours and a decent bank account to the task.

No one wants to deal with a surly construction man at 8:30 in the evening, not even on the phone, and for that matter I don't want to deal with them either.

The site is up in the air, at the moment. I just had some dealings with some friends who used the camp, and they pointed out some hidden clauses that bit them in the ass.
Knowing that I was going to be contracting out the same site in the future, they were quick to tell me about said clauses.
From my point on this, these clauses are not good, but as I said it is nothing I cannot deal with. However…..the route I take may be moving it down the road to another camp near-by. Don't worry this will not affect plane arrival, it really is right down the road. This area is a hot bed for camps of this nature.

Prices to you will remain the same as well.

I do have a Feast crew set up. No it's not Baron Siggy. Siggy is an incredible chef, but he is a professional, and understandably, expects to be paid, and just like my paid performances, he has grown and gotten better, and his prices have gone up. This includes travel/gas, and he brings his kitchen with him, in a trailer.
This year I've moved the site twice as far away from his home… get the picture.

I did say crew. This year I will have not only have a small staff of kitchen affiliates, but a number of them are interested in learning how to CJ, so please oblige them, when they are not busy.

I do have a life guard set up as well but that seems to be one of the evil hidden clauses, so we will have to see about the pool, no promises.

Which brings me to my big point…..once again.

I will simply say to two persons, Shaun and Mr. Shumaker, I have received your pre-reservation, and check for such. And Thank You both.

That is only two people.

Now Greg from II has put on many a convention and knows far more than I about doing such. He has taught me many things and His help as well as Infinite Illusions has been a boon to this site and last years con.
One of the things he has told me is that pre-res doesn't arrive till the last week or two, and many will just show up and hope they're early enough to get in on some said deadline.
Greg and I however do a few things different. I need the pre-res to justify doing this. Not that it won't happen in 2002, but I'm having worries about 03. I have no doubt that it will grow and sooner or later there will not only be more CJ Cons elsewhere, but ones being put on with out me involved. "Pleas God, I've been good this last year….honest, I'm currently working as a carpenter, that's got to count for something"

Anyway… point is send your money in. Save the old man the stress. I get enough at my regular job.
Remember, I have to gage averages off of this. And I'm pretty sure that a general proportion off of zero is usually zero.

For those of you who really have sent money off, you should contact me privately, or here….hell I don't care. It lets the Community know whose likely to make it, as well.

People that I consider special guests that will be there, are the creators of both Sphereplay and Contactjuggling Pt 1

Micheal, perhaps "Muppet John" Greg, Owen, and crew. From recent posts, I see that Pt 2 will be on schedule for a coming out party. You guys rock. Hope you like the right up I gave Eric. He edited it, but that's what editors do.

=It's fine Eric. Works for me. Both of them.=

Marco and Ian will be there. This I'm looking forward to.
Rich Shumaker 'The Master Student'
Chico and Shifty, MilkyD, (Mickey)
Personally I'm hope'in Robin and Ryan, and Chicken show up, but I'm not sure.
I could go on.

Big names????? I'm working on it. (refer back to surly construction man)


Infinite Illusions and all there Contact Juggling toys
Chok, ( Mugs, ball stands, and sphere displaying merchandise)
VIP Leather. (sphere pouches for the belt, hand crafted)
Krullen and Kitty, (Fine jewelry, including special orders)(they also do a damn nice fire show, at night.)

Events, t-shirts and personal flyers.

This is where you the Community comes in.

I've seen no submissions towards T's.
I can pick something myself, certainly.
Last year Greg designed it. Due to unseen circumstances.
But both of us would rather not.
I'll pay for it, and Greg will print it, could someone please set up something to allow the community to cover this one, and I would respect the fact that Kae is busy with another aspect, that being the Site itself.

Same line of thought.

I have been in contact with a professional web page builder in respect to an official CJC web site.
Do I really need to pay this man, or would someone like to take this on with me via phone.
Remember you will be dealing with an Idiot as far as computers.
If it works out O.K. I may hire you to build my business web page. Yes, I do run a fairly nice list of contracts a year but that will grow, and I need to grow with the times.

Work Shops

I expect that those that show up will be happy to help through out the weekend, but please bear in mind that I am looking into inviting cub scouts and boy scouts, brownies, and girl scouts to this, for the afternoon, to teach them 3 ball/bag toss, and already have someone working on bean bags for me, enough to cover 30 kids.
I think every kid should learn to juggle, and no I am not missing the publicity concerning this.
I could use a hand with 30 kids however, and there are better toss jugglers out there than I.

Contact Juggling work shops
I can schedule this sort of thing at the last min. as well as do a few of my own, but it would look better on the web page if I could list it for sure, if you get my drift. I'm a performer, so I can get pretty expansive when promoting something. If you're not afraid of the limelight, and want to be blatantly advertised, Make me a promise, send me a good mug shot, and I'll see it gets blasted across the internet.

Personally, I'd like to see Chico, and Shifty take me up on this.
It's high time Gentlemen. Your time!
Rich does a good teaching on ball types, and Greg had me glued with his history of CJ
Greg and Owen are no strangers to teaching, and I'll certainly have my mouth shut while either one is speaking.
Michael and John, I plan to seek you out for some work on person to person passing, something I have always considered easily do-able but never had the opportunity to practice. Your insights would be welcome to all, in that regard, I'm sure. As well as your mastery of the chest roll, in all the forms you do.


You people are a creative bunch, I'm sure you can think up a few games involving CJ, tax your brains and submit an idea.

For those that don't know Marco, Rich, Stef, and I stayed an extra night at CJC2001 to clean up the camp. Sunday night after the sun went down, and everyone had gone home we set up the camera and played a game of palmspinning horse. It was a blast. Rich has it on video.
I know that Micheal and Tony Duncan, as well as a few others put together a CJ circle, at a juggling con, similar to a hacky-sack ring, and they had a blast as well.

Use your imagination.

That's it for now people
I'mmmmm a work'in on it.

Work'in with me will only make it better for you.

Morg, K/S I need that snail mail address, I have things for you.

In service to the Contact Juggling Community


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