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Author: Klas_ 
Date:   06-14-02 13:17

> What can people view?

AVI, but there's lots of different compressions that can be used with AVI, so all AVI's wont work for everyone.

> what can't people view?

DivX would probably be a problem for a lot of people. You have to download it separatly, so no one(?) will have it be default.
QuickTime seems to cause problems for a lot of people.

> what are you prepared to download, sizewise?

At home with modem, nothing. Maybe if it's less than 1Mb
At work anthing < 100Mb, but <10 is prefered.

> and how bad does the quality have to be before you turn it off!

I like it then I can see the ball. Lighting and filming is usually more of a problem than compression quality though.

> and finally what questions have i forgotten to ask.......

What's the colour of sunshine?


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