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Author: Daniel Kerr 
Date:   06-13-02 22:15

I was beginning to lose hope there, thanks Silver.

The only advice I can think of is to get neck rolls solid first. Also, don't go too fast and make sure that your arms and shoulders make a circle. When I first started to learn it I couldn't work out why the ball just dropped down my back every time. It was because I would push my shoulders back without thinking of it, providing a nice zig-zag for the ball to fall from. Just remember to keep a circle shape. One more thing, I didn't do it on the clip but if you want a smooth isolation then lower your shoulders so that they're level with your arms, that way the ball won't go up and down.

I was wondering if anybody could help me with my computer problems. It's boring I know. I can't play the clip because I don't have the 'appropriate decompressor', so how do I get one. Also, how do I turn the video into an mpeg or wmv. It would be nice to put it in the moves section where it belongs.

Thanks, BYE BYE

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