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 They keep getting smaller!!!
Author: Shaun 
Date:   06-12-02 23:31

Okay, I'm assuming this is a normal phenomonomonom, but when I first got my 3" the thing was HUGE and HEAVY. But now, after a couple of weeks working with it, it feels smaller. I guess I'm just use to the weight, but it feels almost too small for me. And my 2.5"'s seem like peas. I've read that couple of people really like the 3.25"'s. What do you guys like to use and, Silver, what size were you using on the video of you busking??

Shanks youse guys


Misc. question: Does anybody in this comm. break dance??? I can't, but me and a couple buds really want to learn. (BTW, if you haven't seen the new Dirty Vegas video on MTV or VH1 you need to, it is killer, that guy is good.)

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Kap 06-14-02 00:52 
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