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Author: Robin Spehar 
Date:   06-12-02 02:24

Hey Daniel,
Though I've never truly busked in Edinburgh, I was on the street in character promoting a show every day for the entire festival a few years back and ran the show every night at a small venue. I would imagine you'd make a killing out there. Don't be afraid to be too loud or too confident that you've got a show worth watching. Definitely put a show together even if it's just as simple as having an obvious beginning and ending. The competition is pretty fierce and there is loads of talent there (and loads of crap of course). The only problem is that the pubs gravity is equal if not greater in pulling coins from your pocket. Good luck. I look forwar to seeing you at CJC.
P.S. Oh, a couple of my friends may approach you and say-- 'ah robin said youd be here etc etc.' (Brendon and Sally). If they do, make Brendon buy you a beer.

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