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 Lodging and CJC2002
Author: Maxime 
Date:   06-11-02 04:59

Hi all, This message is to say I am not dead and still intend to attend CJC 2002. I told Daniel about wanting to stay there for a week or so. And he told me i could sleep over at his friend's place down there. I would just like confirmations for this, and if possible to know if 2 can be handled we will pay for food and we can even give a bit of money for crashing fees. I want to come for a week at least if possible 2 ... so if you could please hit me back on this it will be appreciated greatly. And If i can spend one week somewhere and 1 week elsewhere... well good enough.

I am asking for place for 2 cause my cousin may attend this year ...

Oh and yeah I will breathe fire again I can do some of the tricks that the master showed us last year :p

Thanks a lot in advance


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