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 success story
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   06-11-02 03:45

Hi Everybody,

I just finished vending at a cajun/zydeco festival here in Connecticut where we were promoting the Sphereplay video and our other skill toys and I wanted to share a success story.
Over the weekend we had about 8 or 9 teenage boys/young adults hanging out around our booth. They all got hooked onto the sphere's and by the end of the weekend several of them were doing simple passing moves. One of the named Kirin spent most of the weekend around our booth and he learned more quickly than anyone I have ever met. Within hours he was using both hands fluidly, doing moves that took me months or years to learn and by the end of the weekend he pretty much had body rolls down! I was blown away!!!!!! He walked away with a 3.5" with plans to get the Sphereplay video and I imagine he will be checking out this site! So if you ever meet him, watch out, in no time he's going to be a bad-ass with the sphere.
He also helped teach and turn on some of the other teenagers who were around for the weekend, and a bunch of them walked away with a sphere, or a video or both. Overall a really cool expereience!

Be Well,

"balls of lightning rolled along"

PS. I'll give the first person a Sphereplay video who can tell me where my quote comes from!

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michael glenn 06-11-02 03:45 
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