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 Hiya :)
Author: Sky 
Date:   06-07-02 08:03

Hello Everyone,
I've been around and reading the messages in the forum, the thing is... I don't have much to say back. Anyway, I'm posting to let you all know I'm progressing nicely :) I'm currently working on forearm rolls, windshield wiper, minor palmspinning, and a one ball isolation. I practice at Shyft's house pretty much every day. Thanks for all of your help and advice so far. If you have any tips on any of the moves I mentioned, please post them. Finally, I'm getting REALLY frustrated with the arm roll that goes from your palm to the middle of your arm and stops. I do not have a spot for the ball to stop, period. Should I tone the muscle in my arm? I have no clue where to go from here with this one. Any advice would be greatly appriciated.

Take Care,

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