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 krupps review
Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   06-06-02 21:14

i just got one of these 4" stainless steel krupps balls and it is pretty cool. as far as weight goes, i think it is about the same a a stage ball. as far a aethetics go, it is awesome. you can get them in many cool colours, (personally, i got silver) and they reflect the light rather nicely. i dont know if this is a function of the ball size or the ball constrution, but everything seems so easy to slow down now. my only complaints would be the weight makes it a little hard to do head rolls, the material feels like it will dent easily (more on that once i have played with it more), and it fingerprints really easily, so that stalls are less impressive if your audience is right up close.
hope this was helpful

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