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 Lets bring the site back from the dead ok?
Author: Shifty 
Date:   06-06-02 18:02

Ok, It seemed like for awhile there the site went dead... Well actually, it pretty much did... But Kae is working hard all of a sudden to try and fix it.

What he has accomplished thus far is being able to Externally Link to a move file in order to submit it. Meaning if you have it on a web server, or Site, you can link to it and it will show up here.

So, with that in mind. What do you guys say to submitting some moves since no one could for the past 4 months eh? Its really rather simple, and can be done in 10 simple steps..

1. Click the moves page.

2. Click "submit a move"

3. Checkmark the boxes that say "Link to a file from an external location" AND "New Move not already on the site"

4. in the "HTTP://" Box thats where you put the link. such as . (It must be a GIF File.. MUST BE, MUST BE)

5. Leave the box above the HTTP, and with the browse box to the right of it empty, its not needed.

6. Name the move (Try to keep it real)

7. Pick the number of balls in the move.

8. Describe the move.

9. Click Submit.

10. Wait for an admin to approve it.(Normally takes a few hours to a day)

Ok, lets see what happens from here out. Considering you guys have had months to work on new stuff without it being able to be posted.

See ya.


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.

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