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 Re: behind the neck rolls
Author: Ryan 
Date:   06-04-02 18:57

I have a different approach to this trick.

There are two variations. One is a body roll like the outside arm roll posted in the moves section, where the ball rolls up the arm slightly higher and, after dropping the head down, it travels behind the neck instead of across the chest and down the other arm. The trick forms a circle in front of you.

Another way of attempting the rolls is more like a piroette. With the ball in the right hand cradle, hold the arm out, crossing your arm in front of the chest so the hand and ball are on the left hand side of your body. The ball rolls down the back of the arm while you step and turn 'into' the roll. Turning 180 degrees, the ball rolls across the back and down the other arm, and the body turns another 180 degrees to come back to facing the audience The tricky part is adjusting the amount of 'stepping into the roll' to get the trick. Step in too much and the ball will cross the back and roll off the front of the left shoulder, step in not enough and the ball will roll down the back.

Hope that made sense.

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