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 Re: behind the neck rolls
Author: Arron 
Date:   06-04-02 14:40

Not real good at these but I get one to work once in a while. My approach is sort of like a point to point method. I start with the ball in the right cradle position and aim the ball towards my right elbow. I try to almost halt the ball at my elbow, at least slow it down a little and then aim the ball for the next point which is the little pocket on the back of my neck between my shoulder blades. If I can get to this point, behind my head, then I can usually get the ball the rest of the way around.

My advice, for what it is worth, it to experiment tossing and catching a stageball behind your head, on the back of your neck. Once you build up that control point, you should be closer to getting the trick down. If you are having trouble catching the ball in this position think of it as sort of a bow from the waist up. Toss the ball in the air, watch it until the last possible moment, duck and bow your upper body and raise your arms straight out to your sides. As you raise your arms your shoulder blades will form a little pocket for the ball to roll into. Raising your arms out to the side will make the trick a lot easier. Again I think it is a matter of building up control points and then "connecting the dots."

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