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 new style
Author: Kae Verens 
Date:   06-04-02 11:18

okay - plunge time.

In order to kickstart the new changes to the site, within minutes, the site will have a new style forced on it. Newer browsers will be able to see it, while older browsers will have pure content to fall back on.

If anyone has any problems viewing the site, please mail immediately.

the most visible changes made over the weekend:
the site can tell now if you have JavaScript enabled or not on your machine, and will display the site accordingly (in JavaScript, the site displays quicker).
download time should be much quicker
the panels on the right are opimized - if you have set them to show three days of moves, it will show moves in the last three days - _not_ the last three days moves were uploaded.

can't remember what else.


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