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 Re: will silicone ball stain
Author: Veikko Sariola 
Date:   06-03-02 10:04

I'm no expert in this (i have only three silicone balls) but now that I've had them for a year or so, there are few things to remember if you want keep them in fine condition (which isn't the case with my balls :).

First, it's true that they don't scratch nearly as easily as acrylics, but they can still get these little marks from little rocks and sharp corners. They aren't visible at all, until the day you drop the silicone on small sand or dust. The sand/dust gets into those holes and makes them VERY visible, and it's hard to get it out, so nowadays I practice only in parks or wherever there is grass. Or where there is a flat floor for bouncing and no sharp corners even near (they can bounce AWFULLY far away)

Second, you can wash your silicones easily, most of the stuff will just come off and they'll be clean again (except that sand in those holes, which will take some time). But (at least my silicones) have started to turn a little yellow by time; however, it's not noticable unless you compare them to brand new ones.

- Veikko / Pestis

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