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 Whistle posse pump it up
Author: Chico 
Date:   05-31-02 04:37

Admit it, the subject confused you :)

If it didn't however, you're one of my people. How many Cj'ers here are party kids? I'm thinking of trying to organize a expedition to a club during the CJC... Who'se down?
Ferret, I know you're coming :)

Chico The Showoff

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Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   05-31-02 05:12

I am in.


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 Re: In.
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-31-02 15:36

Jennifer & I and probably muppet John will come out and play with you!


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 Horns crew don't stop!
Author: Robin Spehar 
Date:   06-01-02 05:04

I'm in.

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