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 Stainless Steel Balls
Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   05-31-02 21:26

Hey all,

A lot of people have been talking about those 73 mm (nearly 3") steel balls you can get from Dube. Well... I have 4 of them and they are very cool; however, if you want something spectacular you should consider buying a 'gazing ball'. Thats right, one of those hideous things you see in old peoples gardens, allow me to explain.

Kruppsdecor ( now offers a line of hollow stainless steel gazing balls in many different colors and sizes (List of colors, sizes, and prices follows.). I have tried CJ with the 4", 6", and 10" and all worked wonderfully. All are light enough to roll smoothly while still heavy enough for good contact. With the larger sizes it takes a while to get used to a ball that large and light (Think basketball.) but it is well worth it. So now, without further ado, the lists:

SIZES AND PRICES(Does not include shipping.)

20"-Price not listed on website
16"-Price not listed on website

COLORS(Warning: Deep scratches show silver.)

Burgandy (Purpley)
Ruby (Beautiful red)
Cobalt (Beautiful blue)
Emerald (Beautiful green)
Gold (Gold)
Magenta (Redish)
Mystic (Its got a different colored spot)
Tangerine (Orangy)
Violet (Redish)
Silver (Polished steel)

So, check them out and have a blast. I personally think that a 4" metal ball for $13 is a wonderfull thing; skip going out to dinner one night and buy one.

*Grins widely while his body slowly disappears.*

Marz Kelly (

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Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   06-01-02 02:14

Damn that is cool.
Gazing Globes is a link on the opening page.

Do they dent easily?
I am going to order them so I will know soon but I don't like to wait.

I am making some hollow balls. But mine are more expensive so I might be scrapping that experiment. We will see.

Here is a direct link to the Gazing balls(Globes).<BR>
<a href=";=+3%2C&mscssid;=LFEDF9UM9M839G6BXSWC341WGGQ98JCC">Globes Click here</A><BR>
If I did not get the link right the URL is.<BR>;=+32C&mscssid;=LFEDF9UM9M839G6BXSWC341WGGQ98JCC
sorry for the long sting.

Thanks and Thanks and Thanks again.
What did I do for equipment before Marz?

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler

P.S. I have not posted about this cause this is not a forum for advertising but I wanted to mention at the end of this post that I have some new CJ stuff for sale. Mostly Acrylics. Check it out at dot com.

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 <BR> tags oops
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   06-01-02 02:18

I guess <BR> tags are out.
I should have read Lance's tutorial better.


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 Re: Awesome
Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   06-01-02 14:07

As to the denting question, they are pretty thin walled so (And this is from experiance.) if they are dropped from a height of 3 1/2 feet onto a hard surface like concrete you stand a chance of denting them (About 50-50.). When I use mine, I always do it over grass or carpet, or, if I have to juggle over concrete, I spread a foam mat or wool blanket on the ground. This, however, is more to protect from scratches.
If your ball ever does dent in a noticeable way, I suggest denting the rest of the surface to match with a hammer so you have a ball composed mainly of round flat mirrored spots. Cool


Marz Kelly (

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 krupps review
Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   06-06-02 21:14

i just got one of these 4" stainless steel krupps balls and it is pretty cool. as far as weight goes, i think it is about the same a a stage ball. as far a aethetics go, it is awesome. you can get them in many cool colours, (personally, i got silver) and they reflect the light rather nicely. i dont know if this is a function of the ball size or the ball constrution, but everything seems so easy to slow down now. my only complaints would be the weight makes it a little hard to do head rolls, the material feels like it will dent easily (more on that once i have played with it more), and it fingerprints really easily, so that stalls are less impressive if your audience is right up close.
hope this was helpful

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 i forgot to add
Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   06-06-02 22:24

i forgot to add that these balls (or at least mine does, and i wouldn't imagine that it is an exception) have a little bit of debris inside. it sounds like a softer version of that little tinkle that one gets when one shakes a dead light bulb. it is not a large sound, but depending on your circumstances, it might be a problem

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 more on denting
Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   06-26-02 02:58

dents. yes they do. easily. they are more likly to dent when they hit a body part than the ground however (go figure, ground is flat body is bumpy). perhaps dent isn't the right word, they do not make an "indent" they just get deformed. this is not noticable from an audience's perspective (unless of course it is dropped too much) but when throwing, it is definatly noticable, and when rolled, not quite as bad.

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 Re: denting
Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   06-26-02 16:20

Interesting. I have never really had a problem with mine deforming through bodily contact, however, there are a few possible reasons for this. 1. I may use them differently. 2. They may have changed the makeup of the balls since I bought mine (Quite a while ago) 3. I could be compleatly unobservant.

If this is a pressing problem I would like to suggest a possible fix that will also make the weight more online with an acrylic: Fill it. What I suggest is this, buy a 4" steel ball, a tube of contractors silicone from the hardware store, and a small jar of modeling enamel that is close to the color of the ball (They come in metallics). Now, drill a 3/16" hole anywhere in the ball and inject the silicone through said hole untill it fills the ball. Let it sit untill the tail of silicone coming out of the hole is dry and cut it off with a pocket knife, paint the resulting spot.

This will put the weight of the ball at around 18-24 oz (I dont know for sure as I have not done it.) and should make it far more resistant to deformation (Though not denting.). A better possibility would be to use a self hardening plastic foam, I dont know. I will try a few things to see how they work and let people know.

Ta for now

Marz Kelly

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 Very Lite
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   06-26-02 16:42

Hey everyone,

I find these balls very light which I probably already mentioned.
And mine were dented or flawed when received. I could tell by spinning it and looking at the reflection.

Marz I wondered what the 4" steel ball you refer to is?
Aren't we talking about the aluminium lawn ornaments?
I too was going to fill the ball to weight it. The colored ball came with a hole the silver did not. Thanks for the help on that Marz. You have been very helpful.

I received my 3.5" 4" and 6" electroplated steel balls. They are much heavier than aluminum and more sturdy. But they too have some slight flaws where they were polished. But they look awesome.
Check out the image on

They are also more fun for me to use than aluminum because I came from the heavy school of CJ not the light. I started with Excercise balls and then acrylics. Never used stage balls early on.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler

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Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   06-28-02 16:21


I don't know about the whole aluminum/steel debate. The ones I have are steel, just quite thinwalled. I bought mine quite some time ago, and Krupps may well have changed its ball supplier to one who makes them out of aluminum. However, they still list them as "Stainless Steel Gazing Balls" on their website. If they have changed to an alluminum ball, I would agree that it would be less suitable for cj, we shall see. I will probably be ordering another one soon to check it out.

Marz Kelly

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 Thanks for the correction
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   06-29-02 00:53


Thought they were aluminium.
Especially with the 70's drinking cup colors.

Thanks for the correction.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler

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