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 Stuff I've learned
Author: Eric Schmiedl 
Date:   05-30-02 06:20

Well, this is my first post to this board, but since this isn't Slashdot, I figured I'd make my first post actually relevant :)

Places not to practice: (not all of these are from experience, thankfully!)
1. Anywhere near flat-panel LCD monitors.
2. In an aquarium
3. Near picture windows
4. In math class (professors don't like to be writing equations on the board only to suddenly wake up with a big bump on the back of their head and a circle of concerned students and one very embarassed one surrounding them)
5. In science class (acid in glass beakers. 'nuff said)
6. Anywhere where your brand-new laptop is open
7. *anywhere* in your house/apartment if you have to go somewhere (people moving about, plus sometimes you get the 'just one more minute' practice syndrome if you've almost perfected a trick)
8. *ANYWHERE* where *ANYONE* has feet whose toes are not covered, due to the CJ'ers corollary to Murphy's law: Anywhere where toes are vulnerable, they will get hit with acrylics.

Also, for people interested in CJing, run, don't walk, to your nearest library and check out _Contact Juggling_, the book mentioned on the front page. Work on the easy stuff for the loan period; if CJing seems like the right thing for you than BUY THE BOOK. AND the Michael Moschen video. And the Sphereplay video.

If you can't find/afford a 'real' CJ sphere, various stores sell clear rubber balls that have some electronics inside that flash or make a noise when they hit the floor- they make good learner's balls (even though the electronics may be off-center); plug up the hole with a rubber stopper of the correct size availible at any hardware store to make them less annoying. Also, the grippiness of the rubber makes for better control, something that's good for learning.

Lastly, even though it seems impossible to roll a ball from the back of your hand to the front over your fingertips, you'd be surprised what a month of practice will do.

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 Re: Stuff I've learned
Author: Shifty 
Date:   05-30-02 06:44

Don't forget to mention Contact Juggling Part 1. This Website and its many move sections, the videos page with a good sized list, and all the Essays contained in the section marked as such.

Sphereplay is alright, on top of the 40 moves you get there, its always a good idea to keep on learnin..

Congrats on your birth into the world of thinking intelligently and Murphy's Laws.


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.

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 Re: Stuff I've learned
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-30-02 16:07

I agree with Shifty, keep learning from any source you can. Also don't neglect your own expreinces and creativity, that will take you furthest in the long run.

Be Well,


balls of lightning rolled along...

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 Re: Stuff I've learned
Author: Axl Rose 
Date:   05-31-02 02:42

WOW! I must say i am impressed! Having learned not to practice in all those places must have been really fun. I sit in awe of the list of accidents you have had, especially the professor.

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 Re: Stuff I've learned
Author: eric schmiedl 
Date:   05-31-02 02:50

LOL! I just checked back...

Axl and Shifty: Note the disclaimer above the list- many of those were things I thought of in those situations(who dosen't daydream during science? Especially when mr. prof gets into genetics... *snore*); the dumbest ones *cough*math class*coug* especially. Although I do admit to trying a little CJing with a mechanical pencil in math class...

Michael: Thanks for the advice!

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