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 Re: 4 incher
Author: Lance Coombes 
Date:   05-28-02 19:26

I'd base your decision on what you plan to do with the ball. I bought an II 4 incher because I planed to use it to practice working with a 4 inch ball. It wasn't purchased as a "show" ball. It is not perfect, but it is still darned pretty. It has the same heft of the ultra clear for a lower price. I can play with it and not worry so much about damaging it, and when I feel that I want to start including 4 inch stuff in my show, I will buy some ultra clears. Plus, from a distance of about 2 feet, with the ball rolling about, nobody will be able to see the impurities. The only way anybody would be able to tell is if you had an EL ball next to an II ball. The II ball would look slightly discoloured.

In short, if you don't plan to perform with it and don't mind some very slight imperfections, you can feel comfortable with the II ball. If you are going to do shows and want the best ball you can get, go with the EL ball.

I hope this helps!

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