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 2 way spinning
Author: bernardo 
Date:   05-27-02 12:31

has anybody tried or is anybody spinning
3 cr.balls one hand both directions ?
there are many possibilities "hidden "....

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 Re: 2 way spinning
Author: Kae Verens 
Date:   05-27-02 13:53

you mean anti-clockwise and clockwise???

sorry for such an obvious question - but I don't understand... you think nobody has tried spinning both ways?


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Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   05-27-02 15:20

Hey Kae,

I am totally confused as well.
and I love the anti-clockwise. I think I will be changing the way I say it to that.

I can spin clock and anti clockwise. That sounds cooler but I will probaably forget it in a week or so. Have to practice saying it a few times this week.

what are 3 cr. balls?

Is that chrome?
or crushable?

as far as many "hidden" possiblilities?
You will need to explain that. Or as I have taken to sayin' "splain that".

Here are 3 ball "hidden" possiblities that I have seen, worked on, tried, can do, can't do. They are the thumb lift, pinky lift, in line(row) propeller spin, upside down(good luck on this one), vertical spin, single handed cascade.
Hell check out the moves area I think there are a few 3 ball moves there.

Hope this helps with your question.
If not then you will need to explain(splain) your question a little better.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler

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 Re: 2 way spinning
Author: Shifty 
Date:   05-27-02 16:13

Not only can I do 3 balls 2 ways in both. I can also do 4 in each hand both ways, and when I have 5-9 balls, I can go both as well. It is in the tips section that every trick you learn, to do it "both hands both ways". Meaning in actuallity you are not learning 1 trick, But learning 4. The regular 3 ball palmspin for example.

Trick 1 - Clockwise in left
Trick 2 - Clockwise in right
Trick 3 - Anti-clockwise in left
Trick 4 - Anti-clockwise in right

This tip also has a bearing on learning tricks forwards and backwards as well, and if you think there are hidden possibilities in just spinning the other direction, try yourself a backwards butterfly.


Why, yes, these are balls in my pocket. And I'm also happy to see you.

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 veritcal spin?!
Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   05-27-02 19:54

hey rich!
you said something about spinning three balls that anything like what Viktor Kee does in Drallion? the move looks like three ball are going in a circle vertically.
if anyone knows what im talking about and know how to do it. please tell me. i have been trying to figure out how to do it ever since i first saw the video of it quite some time ago.

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 Re: 2 way spinning
Author: weightless 
Date:   05-28-02 08:38

i totally know what you're talking about in viktor kee's performance. he only does it for about a second, so it's really hard to tell what's going on or even if it's difficult. my guess is that he's just juggling them in a small circle really fast.

i've never thought of it as clockwise or counter clockwise because it doesn't mean anything without saying which hand it is also. it isn't symmetrical. i've always thought of it as tip of thumb sending and tip of thumb receiving. it's easier for me to keep it straight that way. Shifty wrote:

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 Re: 2 way spinning
Author: joha 
Date:   05-29-02 00:53

I'm still confused by what exactly these hidden possibilities are bernado...please elaborate. :]

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