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 Who am I?
Author: Floater 
Date:   05-25-02 02:48

I would say I'm an intermediate. I've been doing this for a few years now and am finally beginning to move into to more advanced areas like body rolls, as well as exploring how to move my body with the balls aside from just doing "the moves". Since I began, I've equally worked on rolling moves and palm spinning, and I've found both to be very benefical to one another. I haven't had an enormous amount of experience performing yet, but am starting to pick up pace with that aspect and am definitely ready to take on the challenge of doing more of it. A very large aspect of my developement with this art form has been around the creation of the character that does the art. I've put together a few pretty elaborate costumes and have even built a vehicle for one of my characters. Hopefully I will be able to contibute some pictures soon.

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