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 chat room
Author: Kae Verens 
Date:   05-23-02 17:39

sorry for any hiccups that last attempt made...

I'd like feedback on /chat2.php - it's the same page that was causing problems, but I think I've cracked the problem.

The difference between this room and the other ones is that this one uses JavaScript, and IFrames, to optimize the message retrieval and display.
It automatically detects if your browser supports JavaScript and IFrames, and if so, displays the room, without offering the options of the other ones.

Reasons it's better in my opinion:
- very optimized for downloads. it only loads messages that have not already been viewed.
- nice javascript filter, no flashes as the page redisplays
- allows for very fast refreshes, even on low bandwidth connections

The page works nicely in Mozilla (and Netscape 6.2) at 800x600 resolution, and works now in IE6. Opera has a bug which I will fix, and it will not be detected by Netscape 4.7 (but the alternatives will be shown).

Any changes needed?


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