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 Re: Buying Acrylics
Author: ICU812 
Date:   05-23-02 13:45

I just ordered 2 of em (UV's) along with the rest of my order from EL last week. I'm expecting them today or tomorrow (maybe another month seeing as it's EL). I've seen an acrylic UV and am pretty sure it was made by EL. It looks like one of their really clear acrylics with a very slight purple tint. I think it looks really cool with the purple tint alone. And, like in the pictures, they go white/pink under blacklight. I think Michael has one as well. You might want to ask him about it. I'll post again when I receive my balls.

And for the record, EL is the biggest supplier (to my knowledge) of acrylics to all the stores we all buy from. So there's no markup when you buy from them.


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